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How Does It Work?

This Create Your Own Writing Prompts Bundle includes 15 Writing Prompts of your choice (listed below). Once you purchase this bundle, you will download an order form to complete. You will also get an email address of where to send the completed form. On the order form, you will need The demonstration purpose it gives grammar mistakes to provide an email address for the delivery of your resources, and your username for verification purposes. Once you fill out the order form and email it to me, I will send you the bundle you have created. You will receive your product within 24 hours (usually it’s much sooner because I’m a compulsive email checker – lol)

Lesson Plan which includes: 

• Common Core State Standards Indicated on Lesson Plan
• Instructional Focus
• Instructional Procedures
• Objectives/Goals
• Direct Instruction
• Guided Practice
• Enrichment
• Differentiation
• ESE Strategies
• ELL Strategies
• I Can Statement
• Essential Question

Student Worksheet includes: 

• Prompt
• Rubric
• Brainstorming Section
• Thesis Statement Development
• How to Write an Essay Tutorial

PowerPoint Presentation includes: 

• Introduction slide with prompt (interactive for students to identify key vocabulary)
• Brainstorming slide (interactive for students to list ideas)
• Standard and Implied Thesis Development Slides
• Checklist slide
• How to Write an Essay Tutorial

The Adventure quest goes through the writing process. It includes pre-writing, brainstorming, essay mapping, the writing process, MLA, great writing web sites, games, writing labs, plagiarism, work cited, MLA citation, EasyBib, revising & editing, grammar checker, and proofreading, The web page also has short movie clips on most of the above topics. The common core standards are included at the end of the Quest.
Having students do peer editing can be exhausting and usually result in 1 or 2 marks on the whole page after an entire class period of edits, leaving nothing for the original author to work with.

This year, I decided to create differentiated peer edit groups with specific focus points (spelling, MLA, etc.)

At first, I was unsure this would be successful, but after getting through 1 round, students took off with it, and were giving productive and helpful criticism without asking me to check every little mark. They began asking peers for insight and collaboratively guiding each other through the edits.