12- Reshiram Pokemon Center Plush

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12- Reshiram Pokemon Center Plush Description

Product description Extra large Reshiram Pok plush stands a foot tallvery appropriate for a Legendary Pokmon! From the Manufacturer Reshiram is a white-colored, bipedal Pokémon of seemingly draconian and mammalian basis, with some of the avian features of feathers. Reshiram’s snout is mammalian in appearance, most resembling something vulpine or even canine, or possibly even a goat. Streaming out from the upper side of the snout and outward from the head is a long, voluminous wispy mane, the top of which forms a spike or small head-crest of some sort. Reshiram’s face is fringed with spiky features, with one small, pointed extension of it below the chin.

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