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Product description Is it live or is it Elmo Live? Elmo fans will delight in Elmo Live! This latest version of everyone’s favorite Sesame Street character has Elmo talking, singing, telling jokes, and a lot more. With an interactive style, Elmo Live! encourages creative play, and with his wide variety of actions, he can entertain a kids through different stages of their development, from 18 months onward. What We Think Fun Factor: Durability: (what this means) The Good: Talking, moving Elmo doll provides interactive fun for kids of many ages The Bad: Speaking voice is sometimes difficult to understand In a Nutshell: Elmo Live! has more movements and actions than ever, making for even more realistic, interactive play for children of many ages. At a Glance Ages: 18 months and up Requires: 6 AA batteries, Phillips screwdriver Elmo’s always appreciates a hug. View Larger. Interactive gestures bring Elmo to life. View larger. Moving, Talking, Dancing Elmo! Elmo Live! features the furry, bright-red exterior and the big eyes characteristic of the popular Sesame Street character. He features complex actions that give him a life-like quality: His mouth and head move while he talks, sings, and tells stories; he gestures with his arms, and he moves his legs. He even crosses his legs when he sits on the included stool. We found him very easy to play with — just press his buttons to get him going. Press Elmo’s foot and he will sit down on his stool to tell you a story. He even gestures to act out parts of his stories! Squeeze his nose, and he’ll make a variety of silly sounds; he’ll even ask you if you ‘have his nose’ and ask you to give it back to him. Squeeze his hand, and he’ll dance. Elmo even blows kisses, asks for hugs, and says he loves you. He tells jokes, acts ticklish, and more. When he’s laid on his back, or if your child doesn’t play with him for a while, Elmo will go into a battery-save mode. He’ll yawn, say he’s tired, and shut down. Just press one of his buttons to get him going again. Interactive Fun for Kids of Many Ages We particularly enjoyed that, unlike some other ‘talking’ toys, Elmo Live! doesn’t just spout programmed phrases. Instead, he asks for interaction, and he responds as if your child is responding to him. For example, when he will ask for a hug and then say ‘thank you’ as if he’s received one, or he’ll say he’s ticklish and then will ‘respond’ as if your child is tickling him. This makes an almost magical experience for your child, as if her toy is really coming to life. The wide variety of things that Elmo Live! can do makes him a great toy to grow with your child. Younger children can engage in cause-and-effect play by simply pressing Elmo’s buttons to see what he does. Our two-year-old tester was especially delighted with the silly sounds Elmo makes when his nose is squeezed. Understandably, her attention meandered during the somewhat lengthy stories. However, an older child will have the attention span and comprehension skills to appreciate them, as well as the silly jokes that Elmo tells. Tips on Playing with Elmo! Live Elmo makes lots of fun movements and gestures — the only slight drawback is that his movements generate a somewhat loud, mechanical sound that sometimes interferes with being able to understand what Elmo is saying. He also has to be on a hard, flat surface — otherwise he has a tendency to fall over. This in itself has a fun effect, however. When he falls over, Elmo asks you to help him back up again, and when he’s put back upright, he’ll say ‘thank you.’ Also, since his nose has to be squeezed with a bit of force to activate him, our two-year-old tester sometimes needed assistance with it. Elmo Live! comes with 6 AA batteries. A Phillips screwdriver is required to replace them. What’s in the Box Elmo Live! doll, with 6 AA batteries included See all Product description

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