Hasbro Transformers Movie Deluxe Decepticon Swindle

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Hasbro Transformers Movie Deluxe Decepticon Swindle Description

Product description Swindle refers to a unit type used to populate both the Autobot and Decepticon ranks; this model, the Swindle version with the camera lens-type head, indicates a Decepticon unit, such as the one that interrogated Bumblebee. He looks cool in a scavenging, impromptu way, and appears to be as well articulated as his fellow Deluxe scale Decepticons. Swindle is equipped with a large torso-mounted cannon. Swindle is cited as being the intellectual equivalent of a Sharticon��s tail, but he compensates for the deficit with crazed enthusiasm, bizarre antics, and a zigzagging battle style. Swindle takes pleasure in the random detonation of all things within his immediate sphere. A horde of Swindle units would seem to indicate a minor cataclysm resulting in hackneyed explosions and casualties on either side. From the Manufacturer SWINDLE is one of many DECEPTIONS brought to Earth by MEGATRON just to cause as much trouble as possible for the AUTOBOTS. He’s not a great fighter, but he makes up for it in the amount of pleasure he takes just in blowing stuff up. His extending torso cannon fires explosive rounds, and he leaps around like a madman, firing randomly in a fight. Battling SWINDLE is like battling a crazy bundle of living dynamite! Change this advanced-conversion, DECEPTICON figure from robot mode to vehicle mode – and back again! Robot mode features an awesome, extending torso cannon!

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