Princess Jane Czech Marionette Puppet

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Princess Jane Czech Marionette Puppet Description

This beautiful Princess puppet is designed and made in Czech Republic. The whole puppet is handmade and her clothes are hand sewn. She belongs to Royal Court Czech Marionettes collection. Princess Jane is a great puppet toy for every generation. This very unique Marionette will definitely bright up every interior. Jane’s curly light brown hair goes perfectly together with her outfit. You can notice beautiful details on her dress. Lace around her neck, balloon sleeves, and amazing combination of soft purple and rich green on her skirt. What makes her even more cute is a frog she’s holding in her right hand and a gold tiara sitting on her head. The materials used for this marionette are mainly fabric, wig, and a non-toxic paint for her face. She stands 16 inches tall. Princess Jane is result of very precise work and we hope you’ll be happy with your new marionette. Please, note that each marionette is an original piece of artwork and it may slightly differ from the pictures above. For example, the dress colour could be different, depanding on the availibity of materials. Thank you for your understanding.

Princess Jane Czech Marionette Puppet how to buy

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