Transformers Deluxe Jolt

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Transformers Deluxe Jolt Description

Product description Jolt is a Decepticon. Jolt’s tech spec described him as cruel and immeasurably fast. This means he is excellent at sneak attacks. However, he is also something of a coward, and rarely battles an Autobot foe if the odds aren’t with him. From the Manufacturer JOLT loves to cause trouble. More than one group of DECEPTICONS has watched in confusion as JOLT, all alone, raced around them in circles, taunting them. They’re not used to AUTOBOTS acting crazy. Little do they know that it really is just an act – part of a plan to lure his enemies in close where he can delivery a crippling blow with his electro-whips. Get ready to roll out with this AUTOBOT ally! This advanced conversion figure features a flip-out electro-whip in robot mode and converts to a super-cool Volt in vehicle mode! Recreate exciting movie scenes or get rolling with your own adventures. Whatever you decide, the battle is on – are you ready?

Transformers Deluxe Jolt how to buy

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