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Werewolf 15

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Werewolf 15 Description

Technically speaking, you should only be able to hang out with a Werewolf every 29 days…and even then, only at night! Darn that lunar cycle! Well, if we can bend physics enough to make a perfectly round Werewolf, then mere folklore doesn’t stand a chance! We can certainly bioengineer our furry friend to skip those boring times when he’s just a regular old teenager! And hey, while we’re at it, why not replace that primal urge to roam the forest with a more acceptable desire to sit quietly on the couch? Perhaps tweak that urge to pounce on soft, squeaky things into an urge to lovingly accept your hugs and cuddles? Just because a mythological creature has existed since time immemorial doesn’t mean it can’t be even more awesome! Ever upward, Squishers!

Werewolf 15 how to buy

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